Harris Ambassadors


The mission of a Harris Ambassador is to serve as the “official” student representative of the Harris School of Nursing. Harris Ambassadors support and enhance the School’s undergraduate recruitment and retention activities through their active participation as student facilitators and peer advisors.


  • Add student perspective to recruitment/retention program development and implementation
  • Assist staff with recruitment and retention programs for prospective and current nursing students
  • Accompany Dean/Chair to TCU Donor Relations activities and functions
  • Provide nursing majors with student role-models
  • Communicate to nursing majors the keys to succeeding as a student at TCU
  • Add input to Harris School student services
  • Recognize and enhance the leadership skills of students selected as Harris Associates


The HSN Faculty submit nominations to the Coordinator of Recruitment. All nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Be of at least junior standing effective in the fall.
  • Possess demonstrated leadership skills.
  • Active participation in student organizations, campus activities or community service.
  • Strong academic record with minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Interest in the Harris School of Nursing, TCU and its students.


Below are some of the activities in which Harris Associates are involved.

New Nursing Student Orientation

Participate in the New Nursing Student Orientation session each fall and spring semester. Answer questions on topics such as information on nursing classes and clinical experiences, special programs for nursing majors, student organizations, and strategies for succeeding in the nursing program. Explore feasibility of using Harris Associates during freshmen/transfer summer orientation sessions to assist incoming students with academic advisement and the development of a tentative schedule.

College Fairs

1-2 students attend area college fairs with Coordinator for Recruitment. Represent HSN and talk with prospective nursing students about the nursing major, classes, clinical experiences, and nursing career opportunities.

Monday at TCU

Admissions sponsored recruiting day takes place 8 Mondays throughout the academic year. Harris Ambassadors will address prospective nursing students and their parents during the Academics at TCU session and lead a tour of the Bass Building.

Nursing at TCU

Assist with the implementation of Nursing at TCU and facilitate activities with prospective nursing students and their parents.

AED Health Careers Day

Present information on the nursing career opportunity to students visiting campus who are interested in pursuing a major in the health profession.