Accelerated BSN FAQ’s

How long will it take me to complete this program?

This is a fast-track 16 month program. Coursework begins each August (fall semester) with an anticipated graduation date the following December. Students attend 4 back-to-back semesters: fall, spring, summer, and fall.

Do you have to have a degree in another area to apply to this program?

No. Applicants with a bachelor degree in any field other than nursing are preferred with a GPA requirement of at least a 3.0 in either your previous degree or in your nursing science and math courses (A&P1, A&PII, Micro, & Stats).

Applicants without a bachelor degree will be considered for this program with a preferred GPA of at least a 3.5 in either all undergraduate coursework (cumulative GPA) or in your nursing science and math courses (A&P1, A&PII, Micro, & Stats).

How to I apply to your program?

To apply you must submit an application through NursingCAS ( You ONLY apply to NursingCAS. You do NOT apply directly to TCU unless you are planning to finish prerequisite coursework at TCU prior to applying to a clinical program.

Can I apply to both the traditional BSN and the accelerated BSN program at the same time?

No, you are only able to apply to one program at a You are no longer able to apply to both programs.

What is required for my application?

The application requires you to enter all previous and in-progress coursework in NursingCAS and send all transcripts to NursingCAS for verification. NursingCAS will verify that all of the coursework you have entered is correct. In order for your application to be considered your coursework must be verified by NursingCAS. In addition to your coursework you need to upload HESI A2 exam scores, a personal essay/statement, and a professional resume.

What is the personal statement/essay writing prompt and where should I enter this statement?

Your essay should be included in your NursingCAS You will be prompted to answer one of these two questions. This statement should be less than 300 words.

a. How will your background, experience, and knowledge from previous degree(s) contribute to your success in this accelerated BSN track?

b. What do you believe are the roles and functions of a professional nurse and how do you envision fulfilling these roles and functions at program completion?

Where do I upload my resume in NursingCAS?

TCU requires a professional resume as part of our application. This should be uploaded to your NursingCAS application under the “program materials” section.

Can I meet with someone to discuss the program?

We encourage all prospective applicants to sign up for an in-person information session or online webinar to learn more about transferring to a nursing program at Texas Christian University. You can register for a session online on the home page at:

What is the HESI A2 exam?

The HESI A2 is an entrance exam that TCU uses as part our clinical application. It is very similar to the ACT or SAT. TCU requires that students complete the following exam sections:

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Vocabulary & General Knowledge
  3. Grammar
  4. Anatomy & Physiology
  5. Math
  6. Personality Styles
  7. Learning Styles

There are additional science sections that are offered in this exam, but TCU does not require that you complete these sections.

I previously took the HESI exam, but did not complete the A&P section. Should I take the entire exam again?

No, you do not have to retake the entire exam. You can elect to only take the A&P section.

Will TCU accept the TEAS exam?

No, we only will accept the HESI A2 exam.

Do my HESI A2 exam scores expire? How many times can I take the exam?

TCU requires that students take the exam once every 12 months.

What scores are you looking for on the exam? What is the lowest score I can receive on the HESI?

70% or higher. However, to be competitive we encourage students to have an 85% in the math and reading sections of the exam. The math and reading sections are weighed the highest in our application.

Do I send a copy of my exam scores to TCU?

No, scores should be uploaded to your NursingCAS application in two locations. The HESI Admission Assessment Exam Cumulative Report should be uploaded to your NursingCAS application in the “program materials” section and manually entered into the “academic history” section.

Can I take the exam at TCU even if I am not a current student?

Yes, you can register to take the exam on the nursing website

I do not live near TCU, where can I take the exam?

Please see our instructions online for Distance Testing:

What is TCU’s department ID for the HESI?


I’m having trouble registering for the exam, who should I speak with?

Kit Mintz or 817-257-4214

Can I apply to your program if my prerequisite coursework is still in progress?

ALL pre-requisite courses and ALL TCU core requirements must be completed or in-progress (enrolled in) prior to applying to the program. You can apply to the program as long as these courses are in- progress and will be completed prior to the start of the program. Please list all in-progress coursework on your NursingCAS application.

At my previous university I completed core courses. Will TCU accept these courses?

Yes, it is likely that several of the core courses you previously completed will transfer into TCU and will count towards TCU core.

Can I complete these courses online?

All science labs must be completed in-person. We do not accept online lab coursework. The lecture portion of the course can be completed online, but the lab must be completed in-person. Other courses (non-science) can be completed online from an accredited institution.

Does it matter where I complete these courses (community college or at TCU)?

You can complete nursing prerequisites as well as TCU core courses at any accredited 4-year university or community college. You also have the option of completing remaining courses at TCU, but you must have a TCU cumulative GPA of 2.5 to begin nursing coursework.

I’m interested in attending TCU to complete prerequisite coursework. Who should I speak with?

Please speak to member of the Transfer Admissions team about applying to TCU by calling 817-257- 7490.

I am an alumnus of TCU and would like to apply to the accelerated program. Do I still need to complete the core curriculum again?

Any student who has previously received a bachelor’s degree from TCU does NOT need to complete core coursework again. Alumni of TCU can apply for the alumni tuition benefit.

How much does your program cost? What is tuition?

For the most up-to-date tuition estimates please visit: nursing/. If you have questions about loans that are available, please contact Financial Aid (817-257- 7858 or

Are there scholarships available?

For students who have not yet earned a bachelor’s degree you may qualify for scholarships through Transfer Admissions ( These scholarships are limited for first degree seeking students only. If you already have a bachelor’s degree in another area then you may not qualify for these scholarships.

Nursing specific scholarships are available, but you must be accepted and have started a clinical program in order to be eligible.

Do you offer an LVN program? Do you have a bridge program from LVN to RN?

Currently, we do not offer a bridge program at TCU. However, LVN students can still apply to our program. We are unable to accept any clinical coursework as it was completed at an associate’s degree level, but prerequisite courses and core courses generally transfer to TCU.