Why We’re Different

The student focus, the smaller class size, the faculty commitment to student success. The one-to-one attention is almost unheard of in other places.

I really like the fact that I get a lot of experience in my field just as a freshman. I get to watch clinic sessions, which makes me feel like I can better learn the materials for my classes.

HCNHS pulls together very diverse professions into one college. It seems that all of the programs have their strengths. I think nurse anesthesia is off to a strong start with their accreditation. Nursing has a wonderful record being a rigorous program that meets the growing needs of nurses in the area. Social work is probably the strongest undergraduate social work program in the area. I believe TCU’s social work BSW program rivals much larger programs around the country.

They always work directly with the students as much as necessary to ensure the best quality educational experience possible.

HCNHS does an outstanding job of advising. We go far beyond discussing which classes to take when. We get to know our advisees one on one and are able to help them with some of the bumps in the college life road. We encourage use of other campus facilities such as campus life, and tutoring opportunities.

I am very proud to be member of the faculty. I frequently hear positive comments about TCU nurses who are working in the community. Our graduates are knowledgeable and caring. We produce nurses who practice the science and art of nursing.

Committed faculty aware of national trends in nursing and beyond; desire to collaborate in teaching and scholarship excellence; some faculty have engaged in university service that has put HCNHS on the map.

The faculty and staff’s genuine interest in the success of their students – this includes making sure that the student truly understands the concepts. Also, the instructors always make themselves available to any student that needs help.

“The school really wants you to succeed which is awesome! They won’t make it any easier for you, but they are always rooting for you to succeed. Also they have a really good reputation, which is awesome for us when we graduate!”

“Diverse academic units, talented and experienced faculty. Clinically relevant research and teaching. Eager and enthusiastic student cohorts. Affiliation with university community, versus a health science center. Emphasis on human aging and other developmental vulnerabilities.

HCNHS is situated within a university context, in which the undergraduate academic experience is prized and promoted. Graduate programs have increasing visibility.

The strengths of HCNHS are that the program is based in the University, which offers a more complete education. HCN has experienced staff that gives depth to the students in the classroom as well as the clinical setting.

The closeness of professors to students, involvement of each student, lessons in professionalism, and the desire for students to learn and do more are strengths I would consider for the HCNHS.